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Staff Application Process
The application process consists of three parts; the application stage, the interview stage, and finally our mentor team will evaluate your skills. All these stages of our application process are to get to know you as an individual, understand your experience, and motivation towards becoming a staff member on CloudEscape.

Application Stage
In this stage you will use our application format and fill it out with the most detail possible, this is your chance to give us a good first impression. Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the current staff manager with the assistance of the applications team. Applicants who are accepted will be messaged via discord, and move onto the interview stage. If you are denied in the application stage, we ask you wait 2 weeks before your next application is submitted.

Interview Stage
Once you have been accepted in the application stage you will be contacted via the discord tag you provided in your application. You will then be asked to schedule a time for an interview with the staff manager. During this interview (which will be conducted though a voice chat) you will be asked questions to help us understand you personally, and your experience as a staff member. If you are accepted, you will be moved onto the next stage. If you are denied, we ask you wait 2 weeks before your next application.

Mentor Team Evaluation
Congratulations, you are nearly there. This final stage won't be explained in a lot of detail. Essentially, our mentor team will ask you some questions and evaluate you on a technical level to make sure the staff managers, and applications team decisions were justified. Once you pass this stage, you will be accepted onto the team, and your roles will be given to you. You will start our training program once you have passed this stage.

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