NEWS Release Announcement - June 27th



I am extremely excited to announce that CloudEscape will open its servers to the public on Saturday, June 27th! Mark your calendars.

We will be releasing with the our Skyblock server. KitPvP and Prison will be following in the weeks after.

Skyblock is a classic gamemode. The foundation of many players enjoyment with CloudEscape in previous years, we plan to continue the tradition of an active and thriving Skyblock experience. We have, however, added our own twist.
Players will be encouraged to complete the daily Raid. The Raid will consist of 3 stages: mob waves, parkour/mine, and boss battle. Raids can be completed with up to a party of 4 to earn Souls.
Souls are a secondary currency. The Soul Shop, accessed with /soulshop or by the Raid NPC at spawn, will be the go to place for special items like Sell Chests, Chunk Collectors, High Tier Spawners, and more.
Islands will need to rank up before having access to buy high tier spawners. Work with your island to mine blocks, kill mobs, and catch fish. All 3 of these statistics will be tracked and factor into ranking up.

Other Features
  • Spawner Upgrades - Upgrade High Tier Spawners (IG, Zombie, Pigman, Slime)
  • Minions - Will mine for you, farm for you, cut down tress for you. Rare! Watch out for the Minion Merchant, who only appears infrequently!
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Envoys - Battle for Rewards at the PvP arena every hour!
  • Harvester Hoes and Sell Wands
  • Chunk Collectors and Sell Chests
  • Playtime Rewards - Get rewarded for just playing the server.
  • Virtual Crates
  • And more!
There will be payouts for the most committed players! Payouts will be done whenever the Skyblock server resets for a 2nd season. There is no specific date for the end of the season, however you all will be warned in advance. Payouts will be given to the island leader if for island top.

Top Islands /is top
1st Island: $100 PayPal + $75 Store Credit
2nd Island: $50 Store Credit
3rd Island: $25 Store Credit

Top Playtime /playtime
1st: $25 Store Credit
2nd: $15 Store Credit
3rd: $10 Store Credit

Top Voters /vote
1st: $25 Store Credit
2nd: $15 Store Credit
3rd: $10 Store Credit

Preview Pictures
Phew, that was quite a bit of information. I'm a visual learner, and if you are too then take a look in the spoiler below for screenshots of the features described above.

We cannot wait to see you all on release!
The CloudEscape Team​
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