INFO How to Create a Bug Report

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If you encounter any issues directly related to CloudEscape, please report them in this forums section. When reporting a bug please follow the format below. Do not report any bugs with the actual minecraft game, minecraft login system, or anything related to the base game of Minecraft because we are not associated with Mojang.

When creating a bug report be sure to use the following levels to classify how bad the bug is:
  • Critical: The whole server / game will not work because of this bug.
  • Normal: A specific game mechanic or feature will not work, but the game is still playable.
  • Low: This hardly effects game player. It is just annoying. This would be something like a typo in an automatic message.

Bug Report Format

Critical / Normal / Low

Server: The name of a specific MoltresPvP server like KitPvP.

Description: Explain the bug the best you can.

Replication: If possible, tell us how we could replicate the bug. If we can't replicate the problem, then we can't find a solution.

Other: Here you can provide a more in depth description or provide screenshots / video of the issue.
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