INFO CloudEscape Chat Rules

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Chat Offences

The advertising of any server ips is strictly forbidden in the server chat. Saying server names in the hope that people will join is also forbidden on the network.

First Offence: Permanent IP-Ban

Death Threats
The act of telling someone to kill themselves, or telling someone to "kys" in the main chat, or in private messages is strictly forbidden.

First Offence: 12 hour mute
Second Offence: 24 hour mute
Third offence: 3 day mute

Chat Spam / Flooding / Caps
Spamming or flooding the chat with useless messages isn’t necessary. For this reason, sending 3+ messages in quick succession is punishable. Using an excessive or large amount of caps is disallowed

First Offence: Warning
Second Offence: 30 minute mute
Third offence: 1 hour mute
Fourth Offence: 1 day mute
Fifth Offence: 3 day mute
Sixth Offence: 8 day mute

Bigotry / Hate Speech
The use of any racist or derogatory terms such as the “n-word” (hard r), "f*g". And so on are forbidden. It will be counted as committing this offence if you attempt to bypass by changing a letter for example.

First Offence: 6 hour mute
Second Offence: 12 hour mute
Third Offence 3 day mute

English only in public chat
English will be the only language allowed in public chat. This is because staff members are unable to tell if a player is breaking a rule. Saying things like “Hello” or “goodbye” in other languages is acceptable.

First Offence: Verbal warning
Second Offence: Warning
Third Offence: 30 minute mute

Abuse of commands/spam
Spamming commands, such as messaging people rapidly will be counted as command spam. Additionally misusing helpop will also be counted as committing this offence.

First Offence: Warning
Second Offence: 2 hour ban
Third Offence: 1 day ban

DDoS / Dox / Swat Threats
Putting players information into the public chat is strictly forbidden. If you so much as threaten to do so you will be punished. Joking about this with malicious intent will also get you punished

First Offence: Permanent IP-Ban

Minor Advertisement
Encouraging players or telling them blatantly to join a server (Just using its name, not an IP), Is considered minor advertisement.

First Offence: 1 hour mute
Second Offence: 2 hour ban
Third Offence: 1 day ban

Staff impersonation / Disrespect
Impersonating a staff member, such as pretending to be one by nicking yourself to look like you are a staff member is forbidden. Additionally, if a staff member is getting excessively disrespected either in messages or public chat they have the right to punish the offender(s)

First Offence: Staff members decision

IRL Trading
The act of trying to sell things for real-life money, skins, or items that are outside of the server is strictly forbidden.

First Offence: 1 day ban
Second Offence: 7 day ban
Third Offence: 14 day ban

Suspicious / Inappropriate links
Trying to send links that could possibly offend, make another player uncomfortable, or harm a player is strictly forbidden. This could include pornographic/malicious links (IP grabbers)

First Offence: 3 day ban
Second Offence: Permanent ban

Being rude or disrespectful in our server chat, or in private messages is not allowed. This will include excessively insulting players, being excessively negative towards the server, or hindering the enjoyment of another player.

First Offence: 30 minute mute
Second Offence: 1 hour mute​
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