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    Prison Guide

    Prison is a game that you have to mine to make money, rank up for awesome rewards!
    Once you've reached the FREE rank which is a star you can prestige by doing /prestige (WARNING: prestiging will reset your balance)
    Every time you prestige you get a key and a number at the beginning of your IGN depending on your prestige level.
    When you prestige your rank will be reset to A and you will have to restart your adventure to FREE!

    The bartender is where you can gamble your money for drinks to get twice as much as you paid.
    The bartender is designed to give you a 50% chance to win or lose.
    Keep in mind no refunds will be made by staff members if you lose.


    Rankup Crate

    Here's the rank up crate, the rank up crate is not at /warp crates
    You can find this crate at /spawn, if you move forward you will find it
    You can get these keys by ranking up by performing the command /rankup.
    Keep in mind you will need to SHIFT + Right Click to open this key.



    Here you can put your money in as like other players to have a chance to win their money!
    There are 3 different jackpot levels: (Low, Medium & High)
    These 3 jackpot levels are how much maximum you can bet.
    The more money you put in the higher chance you have of winning the jackpot.


    Prestige Crate

    You can find the prestige crate at /warp crates.
    You can obtain prestige keys by prestiging by performing the command /prestige when you're at FREE mine.


    PvP Mine

    The pvp mine is a mine that is better than all the mines on the prison server.
    The PvP mine will only be open for now during there is an event going on.



    To open this menu please perform the command /enchanter
    You get tokens by mining.
    You can use your tokens to upgrade a enchant on your pickaxe.
    You are not able to pay people tokens.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.