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Jun 11, 2017
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Sep 14, 2017
    1. Wandoff
      EVERYONE: Asking staff to look at your application is an instant denial
    2. MaryJane
      i was falsely banned
    3. CJ Borys
      CJ Borys
      Owner when you check out my applications use the second one please and thank you .
    4. CJ Borys
      CJ Borys
      Owner did you check out my Helper application yet?
    5. Dumpydumpydodo
      i need your help owner
      Go to your server And pls massage Dumpydumpydodo
    6. Dumpydumpydodo
    7. _xDevil
      I'm A nerd
    8. xFortuna
      I understand that you hate me, but why do you need to act like a kid?
      1. Austin
        I am not acting like a child. You cost me a lot of money and time therefore even this response is a waste of my time.
        Jul 13, 2017
      2. Proxii
        oof ^
        Aug 2, 2017
    9. BowProw6
      can I get unban? i was joking that i could ddos a player if i was on the server when someone send his ip and real name in public chat :3 ...
      1. RoxL_ likes this.
    10. dasparkleking
      I'm new to the server. I've seen how other staff have been super helpful to me and others. I really appreciate their work. I was wondering if I could join to do good as well. this is my first time ever doing or even thinking about being staff. I can work usually from 3 to 8pm and I really love to help. please reply. and if yes I will be soooo happy. thanks. love dasparkleking.
      1. Austin likes this.
      2. Austin
        Hey I'm glad you love the server! Make sure you have at least 24 hours played and are active in our discord and get to know the staff team!
        Jun 21, 2017
        EmmieLin likes this.
    11. _ForqotnSol
      Hey Austin Is There an answer to why cloudscape is dead because i love the server but.. i kinda get lonely i know why your not here because your doing stuff for orion and i can't wait btw and do you remember Ilovecloudescape with the harambae skin ? she quit i think but i really don't know well best of luck and happy to see you starting your island on orion with me and the others ! -Forqotn
    12. Undercover_oxx
      I love you're new profile picture. hahah
      1. EmmieLin likes this.
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