The Top Voters of Last Month won Buycraft Vouchers!

#1 for $50: Michael_Chau
#2 for $40: xProxim0
#3 for $30: ItsMonkeyHD
#4 for $20: Solvedwhisper76
#5 for $10: MarshmallowHeart

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Hey, guys so if you don't know this already CloudEscape is going to be having a revamp very soon. Though this means we will be having a new Skyblock and Prison server our Legacy Servers will not be reset. I REPEAT the current skyblock servers will NOT be reset and will become Legacy Servers. I wanted to know what you guys would like to see in the new skyblock server. This is the time to be heard when we are still making it! Please leave your suggestions down in the comment section below!
Hey everyone I just wanted to let all of you know about the updated staff List as of 3/28/2017. As many know today was a tough day but we know that CloudEscape is just gonna keep getting better and stronger! My goals for the future are to increase player count, features on our servers and to decrease lag on everything! I also am looking to make our forums and discord a very active and friendly place for all!




ItzAznz, littlerocky12, Pineapplicious




Illicit, JOEWIIBOX, gamergurl0400, Caskey, PvP_Hulk, Brooklyns, Psyxho, ImOreo

Factions is Out!


  • Selling/Buying Items
    Purchasing items in this season of factions has been moved from "/shop" GUI to "/warp shop".
    This lets us introduce a bunch of new features like Sell Boosters and "/sell hand" for everyone & "/sell all" for Poseidon+.
  • Item Filtering
    Love PvPing but hate picking up those pesky troll items like water bottles or random blocks?
    You can now enable "/itemfilter edit" and enable the blocks you wish to PICK UP, Then to activate this you can "/itemfilter toggle" this will allow all items you have selected to be picked up, Any items not selected will not be picked up by you. Everyone has this!
  • Custom Enchantments
    Custom Enchantments now come in only 4 tiers instead of the previous 5
    This seasons tiers are Common | Epic | Legendary | Royal
    All tiers give the same enchantments, instead they give higher leveled enchantments and better success/destroy rates.
  • Envoys
    We have a custom Envoy System in place in the new factions server. There is a total of 20 crates that fall from the sky at random location all over warzone! Good Luck and Don't Die!
  • 7 Day NO Raid Period
    On February 11th at 9am PST The Grace Period Will be lifted. #rip